Life is like a puzzle,
At first the pieces are scattered out all around you with unorganized confusion. You slowly start to create the outline of the puzzle as your guide. The outline creates your boundaries. Now you need to fill the inner part of the puzzle. After countless downfalls and frustrations you find a matching piece to start filling it in. It was such a relief. but then you look at the other hundreds of pieces laying there hopelessly.
You pick up another piece inspecting its outer shape and the colors that make up its design. You try to place it but can not find its fit. As you encounter many frustrations and stress you start to feel defeated by this one puzzle piece. Putting that piece down for a while you grab another finding the perfect fit almost right away. Avoiding the pieces that you know will cause you stress you try to pick out the obvious fitting ones first. As your putting the puzzle together you start to feel anxious because you know you will soon have to find the fit to the harder pieces. You take a break sit back and stare what you have accomplished so far. Amazed with yourself for all your hard work. You pick up the one piece you gave up on earlier, struggling with this piece you start to question yourself, why can’t I find the right fit? Should I just give up and be done with the puzzle? Is this puzzle even worth all this work? You stare at the piece then at the puzzle. Feeling overwhelmed you try to force the piece to fit. No luck. Getting frustrated with yourself and the puzzle piece you put it down once again. Now picking up an easier fitting piece. Fits perfectly. As time passes the puzzle is almost complete. Even though it is starting to look beautiful you have experienced frustrations, stress, and anxiety. You felt defeated and even thought about giving up at one point. You look again at the one piece that has been giving you so much trouble, again you pick it up staring at it, trying to figure out the shape and colors. You stare blindly at the almost completed puzzle. Then all of a sudden you see it, the perfect fit. You have defeated the one piece you almost gave up on. All it took was a little hard work, patience and not giving up for the other pieces to fill in for the hard piece to fit. Finally your beautiful puzzle is complete.
What I am trying to say is life is beautiful, hard and stressful. All the pieces may not come together perfectly or at one time, but with patience and never giving up, in the end it will all come together creating something so beautiful it was all worth it.

Author note from On the Outside Looking In (c) 2012