What is Father’s day… without a father?

   As Father’s Day comes around like it does every year, I find myself wondering, what is father’s day with out a father? Truth is, I have a father he is just not here in “physical” form.  As I sit back and reflect on all the memories I have, it puts a smile on my face. As I wrote my book these memories came to life, the good and the bad. Many nights I wrote with tear filled eyes putting all my thoughts and words into action. I wrote though, in hopes to help others understand and have the answers we did not have during his addiction. Reliving this through my book was a struggle, but it also gave me peace and healing. Writing gave me many rewards, I got to sit and remember all the good times we had growing up and I got to remember my dads smile and happiness. Those memories I hold very close and they allow me to understand that just because life doesn’t always end up like we think it will, we will always have our memories and those memories will last a lifetime…

“Remembering the good memories of our loved ones may bring tears to our eyes; but these memories are what keeps our loved ones alive” -On the Outside Looking In Kathy Carniero

  After my dad passed, I spent many sleepless nights writing, reading and educating myself on a world I knew nothing about. The world of addiction. I did this so other families living on the blindside of some one else’s addiction will know that they are not alone and offer them the answers we never had. I pray my book reaches the ones who need it most.

“God knew what He was doing. I believe He chose my dad to show and teach others that if you do not get ahold of your addiction and change your life, it will result in death. I believe He chose me to show and teach others that a person cannot save or change someone if they are not ready or in denial”  -On the Outside Looking In Kathy Carniero

“I will always remember your voice,
I understand Heaven was your choice.
The day the angels came,
My life has never been the same.
I know everything I was taught,
I now understand this addiction your fought.
I can still feel your love,
Coming down from Heaven up above.
I will always remember your laughter,
I know in my heart you are happily ever after.” -On the Outside Looking In Kathy Carniero

 So what is Father’s Day……with out a father? It is a great day! It is a day of celebration for the father’s that are still with us and a day of celebration for the Father’s that are now with their Father in Heaven.

 On this Father’s Day, I want my dad to be remembered for the brave man that he was and for the positive impact he left on this earth.
Let’s celebrate our Fathers together. Please share in the comments some great memories you have of your dad.