Kathy has always set herself apart from others by challenging herself with new ideas and striving as an entrepreneur. After spending 15 years in the hair and beauty industry she decided to pursue her passion for business and people even further by obtaining her Texas real estate license. She is now an active Realtor® with Texas Urban Living Realty. While expanding her love for holistic wellness and health, Kathy is the creator and founder of an all natural skin and body care line, Ca~Pier Young.

A few years after Kathy’s dad passed away from an addiction to alcohol in 2008, she decided to write her first book, On the Outside Looking In-Surviving the Blindside of Addiction.

She wanted to let others know that they are not alone in their struggles and offer them the answers, facts, solutions and guidance she and her family never had.

Kathy then decided to author a children’s series, The Cann Family. Having a family of her own, she understands how hard it is to talk to kids about certain life struggles. The Cann Family’s “D” series is a series of books that cover little life challenges that families may go through while growing up. The Cann Family comes up with creative solutions to each of those challenges. Each book comes with a fun family project to help the families interact and continue to talk about the challenge. The books range from simple things like how to choose healthy desserts, to doing your daily chores and then on to more serious subjects like how to say no to drugs and coping with death.

This series helps families create stronger foundations by building trust and communication skills.

Kathy follows in her dads foot steps as a flourishing and successful entrepreneur, while being blessed with her mom’s artistic talents.

Having a passion for holistic wellness and helping others. She wants to inspire and motivate people to be the best they can be with their health and business. She knows how hard life can be and while being faced with many challenges it has given her the strength and ability to want to work even harder.filagree_bottom

“Do not let your past define who you are, let it create who you can be”


The Cann Family 'D' Series

Together, mom Amy, dad Paul, brother Zander and sister Lillian come up with creative ways to overcome life’s little challenges.

On the outside Looking In

I Survived

You will journey through with the author as she is blindsided by her father’s alcohol addiction. Feel the pain of discovery, joy of recovery and heartbreak of loss.

Ca~Pier Young Skin Care

Skin Care


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